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Année 2007


ANDRE C., BOISSIER B., FILLAUDEAU L.  Residence time distribution in tubular joule effect heaters with and without geometric modifications. J Chem Eng Technol., 30, 1-9.


COUFORT C., DERLON N., OCHOA-CHAVES J.C., LINE A., PAUL E.  Cohesion and detachment in biofilm systems for various environmental conditions. Water Sciences & Technology, 55, 421-428.


DAUMER M.-L., BELINE F., GUIZIOU F., SPERANDIO M.  Influence of pH and biological metabolism on dissolved phosphorus during biological treatment of piggery wastewater. Biosystem Engineering, 96, 379-386.


DAUMER M.-L., BELINE F., GUIZIOU F., SPERANDIO M.  Effect of nitrification on phosphorus dissolving in a piggery effluent treated by a sequencing batch reactor. Biosystems Engineering, 96, 551-557.


FERIA-GERVASIO D., MOURET J.R., GORRET N., GOMA G., GUILLOUET S.  Oleic acid delays and modulates the transition from respiratory to fermentative metabolism in Saccharomyces cerevisiae after exposure to glucose excess.  Applied Microbiology Biotechnology. 2007 Oct 2; [Epub ahead of print]
PMID: 17909788.


FILLAUDEAU L., BOISSIER B., MOREAU A., BLANPAIN-AVET P., ERMOLAEV S., JITARIOUK N., GOURDON A.  Investigation of rotating and vibrating filtration for clarification of rough beer. J Food Eng, 80, 206-217.


LEGRAND A., LEULIET J.C., DUQUESNE S., KESTELOOT R., WINTERTON P., FILLAUDEAU L.  Physical, mechanical, thermal and electrical properties of cooked red bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) for continuous ohmic heating process. Jounal of Food Engineering, 81, 447-458.


LEGRAND A., BERTHOU M., FILLAUDEAU L.  Characterization of solid-liquid suspensions (real, large and non-spherical particles in non newtonian carrier fluid) flowing in horizontal and vertical pipes. J Food Eng., 78, 345-355.


OCHOA J.C., COUFORT C., ESCUDIE R., PAUL E., LINE A.  Influence of non-uniform distribution of tangential shear stress on aerobic biofilms. Chemical Engineering Sciences, 62(14), 3672-3684.


POMMIER S., CHENU C., QUINTARD M., LEFEBVRE X.  A logistic model for the prediction of the influence of water on the solid waste methanization in landfills.  Biotechnology Bioengineering, 97, 473-482.


POMMIER S., CHENU C., QUINTARD M., LEBEBVRE X.  Modelling of moisture-dependent aerobic degradation of solid waste. Waste Management, doi:10.1016/j.wasman.2007.05.002.


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